Saturday, May 4, 2019

NBA Players Need to Quit Complaining about Fouls and Lack of Ownership!

The Houston Rockets have been complaining that they are not getting foul calls from the referees. 

Yet, James Harden jumps forward when he shoots, initiates contact, and wants the defender to be called for the foul. It's smart basketball, but not necessarily fair or fun basketball. And, Chris Paul is no shrinking violet about making contact! They are both superstar athletes and they would benefit from more wide open basketball with less contact. And, they should be both be owners.

Yes, millionaire NBA players complain about fouls. They also complain that they don't get to be coaches, don't get to be managers, and don't get to be owners of the teams. The millionaires complain about the billionaires that own the majority of everything. Yet, the players willingly participate in the monopoly instead of trying to change it. They fail to innovate.

So we've got two problems. first, basketball is boring. Not enough running, gunning, and dunking. And, second, players can't become owners.

Yes two problems! And by fixing one you can fix the other. We have lost the essential beauty of professional basketball. In the games today, they run 3-point line to 3-point line. It’s become perimeter ball.

What can we do?

We can fix play 4-on-4 full court. We can bring back running full court instead of just three-point line to three-point line.

It's math. We make it more likely to make two point baskets! Play 4-on-4 full court instead of 5-on-5 full court.

If you make 33% of your 3-point shots and you shoot 100 shots that means you make 33 baskets, times 3 points, equals 99 points. This is today’s game.

If you make 45% of your two-point shots and you shoot 100 shots that means you make 45 baskets, times 2 points, equals 90 points. This is also today’s game.

So, it's better to shoot three pointers in 5-on-5 games. But, basketball would be much more exciting if it was all about running and dunking!

What if these two 4-player teams played each other?

  1. LeBron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. James Harden
  4. Chris Paul

Playing against:

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo - The Greek Freak
  2. Anthony Davis
  3. Kawhi Leonard
  4. Paul George

That game should be 140 - 139! There should be 40 dunks! And, guess which team I pick to win?

Who would win? 

Let’s play the game! Playing 4-on-4 full court instead of 5-on-5 full court makes sense! It would make room for wide open basketball! Like our commentator said, running, gunning, and dunking!

With 4-on-4 player should make 60% - 70% of their two-point shots, and if you shoot 100 shots, that means you make 60 - 70 baskets, times 2 points each equals 120 - 140 points. Plus you still got three-pointers! It would be like the former ABA with high scoring games! Dr. J time again!

Let’s face it. It's better to run and gun! It's better to fast break! It's better to go for dunks! That’s the kind of basketball that gives me chills. That’s that kind of basketball that is played by the biggest, tallest, fastest players. The true superstars! 

Things can change. A couple of NBA players need to start reality TV shows, scripted TV shows, games, tournaments, a league, or leagues, all about playing 4-on-4 full court. They need to become owners. This is the script and treatment to start making basketball fun again. It's math!

Copyright © 2019 Bradley R. Hennenfent, M.D. All rights reserved. This is an ongoing treatment and script for all media, TV shows, video, etc., incorporating 4-on-4 full court, 3-on-3 full court, 2-on-2 full court, and 1-on-1 full court basketball.

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