Monday, November 14, 2011

The Solution to the NBA Lockout is a New Four-Man Basketball League

News Release. Florida ( November 14th, 2011
Introduction is seeking to start a new four-man professional basketball league. Two physicians, who were amateur basketball players, got the idea because of the NBA lockout featuring the NBA owners and Commissioner David Stern versus the National Basketball Players Association.

Summary is seeking to start a new four-man professional basketball league. Two physicians, both amateur basketball players, came up with the idea because of the NBA Lockout while they were working on a life-saving medical patent. A new basketball league with patent pending protection could break the NBA’s monopoly-like control over professional basketball in the USA.

Press Release November 14, 2011
NBA players are huge. The average height in the NBA is 6’ 7”. Players have been as tall as 7’ 7”. These giant men crowd the court and slow down the game.

More room for basketball players during basketball games would open up the game for the “run and gun” style of basketball, making basketball more exciting.

The two doctors have patent pending protection to increase the size of the court or to decrease the number of players on each side. They discussed the idea with their Intellectual Property attorney, who also happens to love basketball.

“With more wide open basketball, such as four-on-four full court, there will be more dunks, more fast breaks, and more scoring,” said Dr. Hennenfent, a former high school basketball player (

“Our patent pending protection and pending trademark protection will enable four-on-four basketball leagues to be formed, organizations to be created, exhibitions to be done, charity events to be held, and basketball games to be played on a commercial basis,” wrote Dr. Hennenfent in an email.

“If the National Basketball Players Association had a league of their own, which they could organize and run independently of the current NBA owners, they might have far more leverage in lockout negotiations,” said Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, a 6’ 8” recreational league basketball player.

“Retired NBA players interested in business or entrepreneurship could run the league and play in the league,” suggested Dr. Hennenfent (

The two doctors have noticed that with more 24-hour cable and Internet sports channels than ever before, there is a need for more sports highlights than ever before. 4BallUSA, with its wide open style of basketball could fill that void.

The two doctors graduated from Northwestern University, went to different medical schools, and then met up again when they both completed the University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

They are also excited about the medical patent they have in the works, which they will be able to make public in a month, and about which Dr. Hennenfent likes to say, “It could save more lives than penicillin if instituted properly.”

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Bradley R. Hennenfent, M.D.
Tel. (863) 535-1175
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