Tuesday, August 11, 2020

College Basketball Players will Play!

College basketball players have refused to be put on the bench! They are forming their own basketball leagues. They are using social media to replace the monopolistic sports networks. 

I think it's a great idea! What they are doing is playing 1-on-1 full court, 2-on-2 full court, 3-on-3, or 4-on-4 full court, whatever it takes to be safe in this day and age of COVID-19. 

Two guys, both who have already had covid-19 and have recovered, can play full court and can run and gun non-stop! There can be excellent social distancing in a gymnasium. The reporters can be citizen reporters sitting far away in the stands and using the zoom lens on their cell phones! The highlights can be sent all over social media! 

We miss basketball! We love basketball! We have all these new streaming media channels, we even have two great names, Huge Channel and Jumbo Channel, that will remind people of the History Channel or the Hallmark Channel because of the similar style of naming. 

The point is we love sports, we miss sports, we have hundreds of new channels that need sports, and now we have college basketball players banned from playing basketball! We are going to turn them into entrepreneurs, starting their own games, having their own tournaments, creating their own leagues! Getting paid!

Do you realize how many NBA players have already had COVID-19 and have recovered? There are plenty of players on the NBA level, the college level, and even the high school level who can play because they have had the virus and have recovered. Or who can play because they are so incredibly low risk.

We need basketball! And we need this new style of basketball with fewer players on the court and more dunks, fast breaks, alley oops, and just plain more highlights in general! We are all tired of seeing players walk from the three-point line to the three-point line. Let's bring back fast break basketball! Let's run and gun!

Copyright (c) 2020 Brad Hennenfent, MD all rights reserved. This is an ongoing treatment and script for TV shows, movies, reality TV shows, basketball games, basketball tournaments, and basketball leagues. This is an ongoing script for a different way to play basketball and to bring it to all media including media not yet invented. 

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