Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why We Need Four-Man Basketball

NBA players are huge today. The average height in the NBA is 6’ 7”. Players are as tall as 7’ 7”. These giant men also have giant wingspans and crowd the court and slow down the game.

When you bring the ball up the court as a guard you face a three man defensive front when playing 5-on-5. In 4-on-4 basketball the offense can be spread out to all four corners and the passing lanes and the lane to the basket will be open more often.

We need more room for basketball players to open up the game for the “run and gun” style of basketball again. We need more excitement. That’s why we have patent pending protection to increase the size of the court or to decrease the number of players on each side.

With wide open basketball, such as four-on-four full court, there will be more dunks, more fast breaks, and more scoring.

Our patent pending protection and pending trademark protection will enable four-man basketball leagues to be formed, organizations to be created, exhibitions to be done, charity events to be held, and “four ball” games to be played.

If you are a businessman, investor, venture capitalist, or basketball player, please contact me for more information.

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