Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Answer is 4-Man Full-Court Basketball

Two years ago, the NBA made $3.8 billion. We have patent pending protection for 4-man full-court basketball, and we expect we will ultimately get world rights for 4-player full-court basketball. We are planning a 4-on-4 full court tournament.

Four-man full-court is a faster game. NBA players are huge. The average height in the NBA is 6’ 7”. Players have been as tall as 7’ 7”. These giant men spread their wingspans, blocking drives to the basket and the passing lanes, which slows down the game.

In addition, today's players are all much better ball-handlers than the players of old. They start younger and have much better open court skills.

Our 4-man game will enable the four-corner offense, which means that the driving lanes to the basket and passing lanes will always be open. Individual offensive talent can shine again—as much as team play already does.

The four-man game will enable the “run and gun” fast break style that everyone loves, making basketball more exciting. It’s a feature that will make 4ball games uniquely marketable. Every game will be Phi Slama Jama and Showtime again.

Great new offensive and defensive coaching strategies will need to be invented. Today, the average NBA game has less than 100 points per team. In 4BallUSA games the average score for each team should routinely be over 100 points.

With wide open basketball, there will be more dunks, alley oops, fast breaks, and more scoring. That’s why we have patent pending protection to increase the size of the court or to decrease the number of players on each side.

We are looking to form leagues, create organizations, do exhibitions, hold charity events, and see 4-man basketball games played.

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, who is 6’ 8”, and I (6’ 4”), both amateur basketball players, were working on a life-saving medical patent with our intellectual property attorney when we looked at basketball patents because of the NBA lockout. Our lawyer also happens to love basketball. That’s how we came up with the idea of getting a patent for a new professional 4-on-4 basketball league as well as pending trademark protection.

Jeff Schwartz and I graduated from Northwestern University in 1980, went to different medical schools, and then met up again when both of us completed the University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals Emergency Medicine Residency Program. We have played basketball in gyms all around Chicago.

We’d like to develop a 4-man full-court professional basketball league or tournament, as we believe that ultimately the solution to the NBA Lockout is a new league.

With more 24-hour cable and Internet sports channels than ever before, there is a need for more sports highlights than ever before. 4BallUSA, with its wide open style of basketball could fill that void, as well as the emptiness caused by the lack of NBA games. In fact, with ROKU and iTV, we could even create our own TV station. And there are 400 cable channels we can talk to.

We want to connect with agents, players, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors to work with us. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bradley R. Hennenfent, M.D.
Physician & Economist
E-mail: Dr.Hennenfent@gmail.com

E-fax: 206-350-1242


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