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4ballUSA Television Show

4ballUSA Television Show

4ballUSA is a reality television show featuring four retired National Basketball Association (or other star) basketball players. The term “4ball” is short for four-on-four, full-court basketball.

NBA players are huge today. Players are as tall as 7’ 7”. The average height in the NBA is 6’ 7”. These giant men crowd the court and slow down the game. We need more room for basketball players during games to open up the court for the “run and gun” style of basketball. We need more excitement. We need more highlights! With wide open basketball, such as four-on-four full court, there will be more dunks, more fast breaks, and more scoring.

Imagine following the lives of four recently retired NBA superstars (or other players) as they travel the world playing 4ball games against local heroes (former high school, college, or pro players). Two years ago, the NBA made $3.8 billion. There is worldwide interest in basketball, which makes the pot of gold even bigger.

The four-man game will enable the “run and gun” fast break style that everyone loves, making basketball more spectacular. 4ball games will be uniquely marketable, because every game will be Phi Slama Jama and Showtime again.

Today, we have players that are too big on courts that are too small. Today's players are all much better ball-handlers than the players of old. Kids start much younger today and have much better open court skills. Players will be able to run, pass, and dunk more than ever before in our 4-on-4 full court games. The 4-man game will enable the four-corner offense, which means that the driving lanes to the basket and passing lanes will always be open. Individual offensive talent can shine again — just as wide open team play always has.

The 4ballUSA combination of a reality show with basketball games will feature four superstars playing against 4-man teams all over the USA and the world. It can be played with a special set of rules to speed up the game, so that games will over in less than an hour, which is perfect for TV. In fact, the show may not show all of the games, perhaps only enough highlights combined with reality TV to fill the one-hour time slot.

The demand for video sports highlights is exploding. We have the Internet today with YouTube and thousands of sports websites. In the USA we have the new “Highlight Express” show on ESPN. We have the NBC Sports Network with its new highlights show called “The Lights.” We also have the entire rest of the world. There is also a surplus of basketball players that still want to play who have “mad skills.” There are high school, college, playground, professional, ex-professional, and International players all ready to play. This idea could lead to the creation of entirely new basketball tournaments and 4-on-4 player leagues.

3 ball and 2 ball
The same ideas can be applied to 3-on-3 full court or 2-on-2 full court.

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