Thursday, March 31, 2016

LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul can all be on the same team!

Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul can all be on the same team. They can play four-on-four, full-court basketball. They can start their own four-on-four basketball TEAM. They can start their own four-on-four basketball LEAGUE. Imagine how great the television show would be. Four-on-four basketball is perfect for generating more highlights: more dunks, more fast breaks, and more incredible "Magic" passes.

Four-on-four basketball would be great for streaming media, or any kind of media. Four-on-four basketball can be a team, league, tournament, reality TV show, regular TV show, or sporting event.

Basketball has become boring. We need more fast breaks. We need more dunks. Playing four-on-four full-court basketball will return the excitement to the game. Players will run all the way from one basket to other again.

It’s all mathematics. Four-on-four full-court basketball will increase the percentage for making layups and two-point shots to where those shots will be more statistically likely. This will change the game back, back to the full-court, fast-break, run and gun style that we all love.

With today's five-on-five basketball and the three-point line, it can be better to keep all the offense on the perimeter and go for the three-point shot all the time. Players just pass the ball around the outside all the time. One way to return to the fast break style of play and keep the three-point line is to play four-on-four full court.

Fast-break basketball is the best basketball. It has the most highlights, the most dunks, and the most incredible passes. There will be far more highlights with four-on-four, full-court, fast-break basketball.

The players have become too tall and too talented. There is not enough room for the wide-open game anymore. Yet, every player starts younger and can handle the ball far better than they could one generation ago. It’s time to unleash four-on-four full-court basketball.

A new four-on-four basketball league could be started by players. It could be owned by players. It could be coached by players. There would be far more opportunity for players in the top positions.

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