Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kobe Bryant Can Retire and Make a Billion Dollars!

Kobe Bryant can retire and make a billion dollars! It would be tremendous fun for him. All he needs to do is start a four-on-four, full-court basketball league. It could start with a reality TV show. It could start with four-on-four, full-court exhibition basketball games.

There are businesses like Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon, Hulu, and Roku, that should be dying to get into sports. Now, all the other TV stations, networks, and video streamers can get into sports big time and easily compete with the NBA and other basketball leagues. They can get four-on-four, full court going. It could even start with a YouTube channel, Vine, or Vimeo channel.

We desperately need more basketball highlights. We need more run and gun highlights. We need more miraculous passes, spectacular dunks, and fabulous 3-point shots. Remember why you used to love the American Basketball Association? Remember why you used to love Phi Slama Jama? Remember Dr. J, Julius Erving, of the ABA's Virginia Squires and New York Nets? Professional basketball teams used to score 120 points a game!

Dan Le Batard, host of ESPN’s Highly Questionable, said: “I hate … we have more Sports news networks than we have sports news. (Pardon the Interruption, April 5th 2016)

Dan Le Batard is right. We don’t have enough sports news or sports highlights. We need Kobe Bryant to start a four-on-four, full-court basketball leg when he retires. He is one of the greatest players ever. He is powerful enough to pull something like this off. He can start a new league where former basketball players are the owners of the teams. Where former basketball players are the coaches of the teams. He can have corporate sponsors all around the world. He can fix a lot of wrongs and make them right.

Most importantly, he can bring back run and gun, spectacular basketball for all of us to see again. All Kobe has to do is get together with 3 of his best basketball player friends and he can make it happen.

Kobe can travel around playing “local heroes,” college players or ex college players, professionals or ex-professionals, and don’t forget the old ex high school players. Eventually a regular league, or “irregular league” can be developed.

Kobe Bryant, or someone like him, can create a billion-dollar business empire.

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