Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We need to get FAST BREAK BASKETBALL back!

We need to get FAST BREAK BASKETBALL back! We need 4-on-4, full-court basketball so we will have fast breaks, alley-oops, dunks, no-look passes, and incredible shots again. Today’s players are too big on too small of a court. The graphic shows what it looks like when you have all players 6 feet 9 inches tall on an NBA basketball court. There is not enough room for half-court basketball, or run and gun basketball anymore! We need a new TV show and a new league with 4-on-4, full-court basketball. This idea is so important it has been copyrighted and registered for years. When the NBA lockout of 2017 occurs, as it most certainly will, it’s time for 4-on-4, full-court basketball.

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