Sunday, May 8, 2016

4-On-4, Full-Court Basketball: Billions of Dollars

We need 4-on-4, full-court basketball because the court is too small and the players are too big. For today’s giant, talented players, and fans, the game has become too slow. We need more fast breaks, dunks, alley-oops, no-look passes, and incredible shots.

4-on-4, full-court basketball can be turned into a billion-dollar industry.

I have created a graphic to demonstrate how crowded the basketball court has become because of the ever increasing height of the players. The 2014-2015 Kansas team almost went undefeated. Their average height was 6 feet 9 inches tall. I created circles with a diameter equal to the height of the players and placed them on an NBA sized basketball court. Remember, the lane is off limits to players, because of the three second rule, so the lane is empty most of the time. The graphic clearly shows that there is not enough room on the basketball court anymore.

Getting two players off the court is key. Eight players are enough. We don’t need 10 anymore, because all of today’s players can handle the ball like a guard.  Today’s players are as tall is 7 feet 7 inches. When basketball was invented in 1891, the average man was around 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Mathematics says that if we reduce the teams to 4-on-4, instead of playing 5-on-5, we will get more of what we want: fast breaks, dunks, alley-oops, no-look passes, and incredible shots. We will get the famous “Magic Time with Magic Johnson” and “Phi Slama Jama with Clyde Drexler” back again. We will get “Dr. J style” fast breaks again.

I believe that 4-on-4 full court basketball is such an important idea that I have been copyrighting and registering the idea for a long time. Currently there is a perfect storm of excess demand for basketball highlights to make 4-on-4 a reality:

More great basketball players that are human highlight reels than ever before
More companies willing to do sports related advertising than ever before

More sports shows than ever before needing basketball content
More TV channels than ever before needing basketball content
More video distribution channels than ever before needing basketball content
More social media than ever before needing basketball highlights

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