Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mathematically, 4-on-4 is Better!


In basketball, basically 50% of 2-point shots are made and 40% of 3-pointers are made. 


So, 50% of 2-pointers are made, take 100 shots, make 50, that equals 100 points. 

Take 100 3-pointers, make 40%, 40 baskets equals 120 points! That's why all they ever do in the NBA anymore is shoot three-pointers.


Mathematically, 4-on-4 full Court is better than 5-on-5 full court for fast breaks dunks and alley-oops. 


Yes, basketball can be made fantastic again by making it run and gun again. Play 4-on-4! 

This is an ongoing script and treatment for how to fix basketball!

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