Friday, August 16, 2019

4-on-4 Full Court Basketball

Mathematically, 4-on-4 full court basketball is superior to 5-on-5 full court, because the run and gun game returns! Fast break basketball would come back! There would be more great passes, dunks, and alley-oops. Blocking the ball on the bank board! Everything the fans loved about fast break Showtime basketball would come back.

4-on-4 full court basketball would also probably make Mark Cuban lose a billion dollars. The NBA is a Monopoly right now owned by mostly white owners, who are often millionaires and billionaires.

When you bust a monopoly with a better product, the old product loses out big. And the owners of that product lose big. It's a lesson of economics. Somehow, I don't think they will starve to death though.

All that needs to happen is that a bunch of basketball players need to get together with their money and their skills and start playing 4-on-4 full court. They need to create better highlights, better television content, television shows, tournaments, and at least one new league. 

The television shows can be reality TV shows that focus on their personal lives, as well as TV shows all about playing the games. Personally, I think a reality show should start on day one and should follow the entire process of a basketball entrepreneur starting the process of making 4-on-4 full court basketball happen. This person, male or female, can be followed from the concept to the execution of a billion dollar business.

Imagine, doing all the interviews with basketball players all over the world with professional basketball skills that don't even get to play today. There are not enough jobs for all the players who can play today.

Let's fix things. Let's let the players play!

Copyright (c) 2019 Brad Hennenfent, M.D. All rights reserved. This is an ongoing treatment and script being published on this blog, because sooner or later somebody is going to recognize a great idea when they see one. 

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